Family Lawyer Chandler, AZ

Family Lawyer Chandler, AZ

Our Family Lawyer in Chandler, AZ to will tell you that enduring a divorce or separation can be stressful for everyone involved. Emotions may intensify when there are disagreements regarding the children. Citadel Law Firm will tell you that the most ideal situation is for both parents to reach an amicable agreement to ensure all decisions are made in the best interest of the child (or children). Unfortunately, this is difficult for many parents. The personal feelings of one or both parents, as well as pride, can impact the decision making process. Our family lawyer Chandler, AZ families trust shares that when this happens, a child custody battle may ensue. If an agreement cannot be met at all, you might choose to file a petition with the court who will make a decision based upon the best interests of the child. 

Family Lawyer Chandler, AZ

When parents cannot agree on the custody of the children, or the case is being left to a judge's decision, it may be a good idea to have Citadel Law Firm, a family lawyer Chandler, Arizona recommends on your side. This is especially true when the other parent has already retained their own family lawyer. For immediate help, please call Citadel Law Firm today. 

The Complexity of the Case

When the case is complicated, involves certain factors, or there are intense arguments going on, each parent should retain a family lawyer in Chandler, AZ who can properly guide them through the legal process. In the event that you feel as if you cannot adequately represent yourself, a family lawyer can be your voice inside and outside of the courtroom. 

You Cannot Agree on the Child's Wellbeing

If both of you cannot agree on the welfare of the child, and emotions are getting in the way of facts, the involvement of the court might be a solution. When major issues cannot be decided on, a family lawyer in Chandler, AZ might suggest a custody hearing. If you both prefer to try mediation first, your lawyer can offer assistance and explain the pros and cons of taking this legal route. 

Child Support in Arizona

Child support is generally calculated using the Arizona child support formula. There are factors and variables involved, and those will be considered before the amount of child support is determined. In the event these factors, such as parental income, spousal support, number of children involved, childcare costs, etc. are not raised correctly, the court's decision could be impacted. If either parents financial circumstances are changed, a petition of modification can be submitted to the court. A family lawyer in Chandler, AZ would likely be needed during this time. 

Citadel Law Firm: A Leading Family Lawyer

Child custody is one of the most difficult issues during, and after, a divorce or separation. When it is not taken seriously, it is often the child that is most affected. Regardless of what has caused you to separate, it is important that the child's needs are put first. A Citadel Law Firm PLLC can guide you through the process and support you in a way that meets your objectives, but does not compromise the wellbeing and care of the child. If you would like to know more contact our family lawyers Chandler, AZ residents seek assistance from.