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What is our Estate Planning process?

Free Consultation

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We will agree a time that suits you for your free initial consultation.  We are located in Chandler, very close to Gilbert and the 202.

We also offer appointments on Saturdays for your convenience as well.

First Appointment

At your first appointment, we will ask and Answer Questions to determine the tailor-made estate planning strategy appropriate for you and your family.  We will agree on goals and pricing for the legal engagement. We agree a fee before you decide to work with us.

Planning Process

We schedule Planning Meetings (typically at least two) with you to review and tailor the draft estate plan.  When you are confident the draft estate plan addresses all your goals and concerns, we execute the documents and schedule your Asset Coordination Meeting.


At your Asset Coordination Meeting, we work to ensure that your property, investments, and life insurance are properly titled and beneficiaries elected.  This is essential for the estate plan to smoothly affect your wishes.

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