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1) Why should I work with an estate planning lawyer in Chandler?

Working with an attorney to prepare an estate plan ensures you are in control while you are alive and healthy, you are protected should you become incapacitated, and your assets and life savings are protected for a surviving spouse and children.

Planning for protection from incapacity and transferring assets after death is not something that should be taken lightly. Our Estate Planning Lawyers are experienced and know how to simplify the process and honor our clients wishes. As attorneys, we know the law and can make viable legal recommendations. We are not simply putting your name on a prefilled form. We take the time to educate you on your options so that you know your needs are being met. Further, our attorneys have specialized training in financial and tax planning. Every estate plan is unique, and having the extra real-world experience in both taxes and finances truly sets us apart from other law firms.

2) Where is our estate planning office located in Chandler?

We are located in the heart of Chandler on Queen Creek Road, directly south of the Chandler Airport , next to the Saint Juan Diego Catholic Church. The closest cross streets are McQueen and Queen Creek Roads.

3) What should I do before meeting with my estate planning lawyer in Chandler?

Before meeting with an estate planning lawyer, you should take inventory of your assets. You should also be thinking of whom you would like to list as decision makers in your Estate Plan. Our plans consist of a variety of documents designed to protect you both during life, and after death. You will need to designate Financial and Medical decision makers should you become unable to make your own decisions, and you will need to list successor Trustees and Personal Representatives to carry out your wishes after you pass away.

We also recommend completing an estate planning questionnaire prior to your initial consultation. This not only makes your time with an attorney more efficient but also prompts you to consider whom you will appoint as your decision makers and beneficiaries.

4) Why do we recommend you fill out an estate planning questionnaire before meeting with our estate planning lawyers?

A completed questionnaire, while not required, is extremely helpful to us. It allows us to maximize our time with you by giving us advance notice of your circumstances. Every Estate Plan is unique, and having the questionnaire in advance helps us make tailored recommendations to you that are pertinent to your unique circumstances.

5) Is there handicap parking in your Chandler office? is the office accessible?

We constructed our new office in 2019 with clients in mind. We have handicapped parking directly in front of our office entrance with graded curbs to ensure disabled, elderly, and impaired clients are not inconvenienced. We are exceptionally accommodating of our clients and visitors, and always welcome you with an offer for water or coffee. We often have snacks available as well. Our goal is to be as open and accommodating as possible, as we want our clients to feel comfortable. We are open from 9-5 daily, and we can be available outside of business hours for special circumstances.

6) Is the Chandler office location your main location?

Our main office is in Chandler, Arizona. We also maintain a part time office in eastern North Dakota and will soon open another in Queen Creek, Arizona.

7) Is the Chandler office address your mailing address to send documents to?

Yes, the Chandler office is where we receive mail. We can also accept documents via fax, via email, or via a secure client portal. We accept all postage at our Chandler address: 1767 E. Queen Creek Rd. #1, Chandler, Arizona 85286.

8) What should I expect when I meet with an attorney at your office?

You can expect a warm greeting and offer of refreshments. You will be directed to a conference room, where you and the lawyer will discuss your unique situation. The attorney will make recommendations to you based on your circumstances, and will ensure that you are provided with several options and recommendations. Once you hire us to move forward with your Estate Plan, we will schedule you for a signing meeting. Most of the time, this signing meeting can occur within days of your initial meeting. At this meeting, you will sign all of the documents and you will take home your Estate Planning Portfolio that same day.

9) What are the costs involved in getting your estate planning set up?

At Citadel Law Firm we try to offer you a fixed price, that way you know the cost of your estate planning beforehand. We also strongly believe cost is not everything. You need to find the right estate planning attorney for yourself and your family, that is why we offer you a free estate planning consultation. If you want to know how much it cost to create a Last Will and Testament in Arizona check this blog article.

10) Does an estate planning lawyer handles probates?

Estate Planning lawyers usually handle probate. The goal of doing your estate planning early enough is actually to avoid probate. If you need a probate lawyer free consultation near me call us at (480) 565-8020 and we will be pleased to help you understand if you need our help. An experienced lawyers that handle estate protection will work with you to design the best estate planning strategy for you.

11) Does an estate planning attorney help with trusts?

Estate Planning lawyers are also know as trust planning lawyers for a reason. They can help you with revocable living trust, irrevocable trusts and other trusts in the state of Arizona. They can also help with trust administration, even if the trust was not originally done by our law firm. A Trust planning lawyer will usually offer all types of estate planning services and estate planning documents. Him or her will use different estate planning tools to achieve your goals, which may or may not involve a living trust. Estate lawyers usually wear different hats. I hope you can find the best "estate planning attorney near me" that suits your needs. We also help you with trusts that create asset protection.