Trust Attorney Chandler, AZ

Trust Attorney Chandler, AZ

Why choose our Trust Attorneys in Chandler, AZ?

Are we the right Trust Attorney in Chandler for you?

Our Trust Attorney in Chandler, Arizona is specialized in Trusts and other Estate Planning strategies. They also have a strong background in Tax law, some of them are tax lawyers as well.

When a person or a family is looking for an estate planning attorney they usually are trying to protect themselves and their families. They want to preserve their assets for futures generations. They also want to keep the family dynamic healthy and prevent the future generations from fighting each other. A lot of families or individuals also want to protect their families against situations that can't be predicated, like car accidents or even divorce. The Trust Attorneys at Citadel Law Firm are here to help you find and execute the best estate planning strategy, a strategy that is unique to your family.

Trust Attorney Chandler, AZ

What are the two main reason to have a Trust?

  • Avoid Probate: assets can be transferred to another person in two different ways. Assets can either be transferred by a court order, which is usually called the probate process. Or assets can be transferred to a different person or company by private contract. By creating a Trust and properly funding and maintaining that Trust a private contract is stabilized and probate will most likely be avoided.
  • Protected against creditors, divorce or other unexpected situations: assets held in trust can help you to protect yourself and your family against unexpected live situations. A few examples of unexpected situations are car accidents and divorce between others. It can also protect the following generation from similar situations as well.

Which types of Trusts can Citadel Law Firm help you with?

Although there are some very specific trust to serve specific purposes (like Special Needs Trust or Dynasty Trusts) we like to divide Trust in four main categories:

  • Living Trusts: a Trust that goes in to effect as soon as it is created, that is why it is called "Living" as the person (or people) creating the Trust is still alive;
  • Testamentary Trusts: a Trust that is created but only goes into effect when the person (or people) named in the Trust passes away. A Testamentary Trust is usually included inside of a Will when a Living Trust can't be created;
  • Revocable Trusts: it is a Trust that can be changed or revoked. The person/people creating the Trust has the ability to change the terms of the Trust, like the Trustee or the beneficiaries, or revoke the Trust completely. A good way to explain also is to say that the Trust "maker" retains the ownership of the Trust. A Revocable Trust is the most common type of Trust that we create, usually also created as a Living Trust.
  • Irrevocable Trusts: it is a type of Trust that the ownership is giving away and you los the ability to change or revoke that Trust . Sometimes a revocable trust turns into an irrevocable trust after the passing of the person (or persons) that created the original Trust. In very special circumstances an irrevocable trust can be revoked. Although rare at our law firm we have seen a few cases.


Why use a Trust Attorney in Chandler, Arizona?

Our Trust Attorney Chandler, AZ are here to make sure your family is well taken care off. We will help you create the right type of Trust for your family. We will also help you fund and maintain your Trust across the years. By maintaining the Trust properly across years, or even across generations, we will help your family focus in loving each other, not fighting against each other. Our attorneys are some of the best estate planning attorneys in Chandler. They will take into consideration any tax or other issues that arise during your consultation, like long term care.

Call Citadel Law Firm PLLC today at (480)565-8020 to schedule your free case evaluation with one of our Trust Attorney Chandler, AZ. Our trust lawyers in Chandler, AZ understand that having the proper trust drafted for your family is essential, we are here to help you and your family achieve peace of mind.