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Tax law is confusing and many of the most sophisticated attorneys shun this high-risk area of practice.  But for taxpayers facing audits, appeals, deficiencies, penalties, or enforcement actions, time is of the essence to engage a tax attorney as soon as possible when there are statutory deadlines for appealing IRS decisions, with some as short as just 30 days.  Your tax lawyer should have advanced training in federal tax law, tax research, and civil tax procedure.

Your tax attorney should be a bar member of the United States Tax Court and other courts where disputes are litigated with the Internal Revenue Service.  Our training enables us to represent you against the IRS and argue your case based on the text of the tax code, administrative guidance, and case law to present your situation in the best light possible.

If you are confronted with an I.R.S. dispute, please contact us urgently to arrange a consultation with a tax lawyer.

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Do you need help from a Tax Lawyer?

Receiving a notification from the IRS of an audit or notice of deficiency is a nightmare for many.  We know it is a scary and overwhelming experience to consider what could happen.  But that nightmare can become your reality if you do not take steps very quickly to engage a tax lawyer to intervene early in the process.

Having a tax lawyer guide you through the process has its advantages:

  • Attorney-Client Privilege:  Information a client shares with a tax lawyer is protected by attorney-client privilege.  Therefore, unlike financial advisors or other service professionals, a tax lawyer cannot be called to testify against a client.  Transparent disclosure of all relevant information to a tax lawyer allows for a more effective representation.  Ultimately, a tax lawyer may also be able to craft a better solution to resolve your tax issues.

  • Complexity and Time Sensitivity:  Developing solutions that must accommodate a constantly evolving system of tax law and tax resolution programs when dealing with the IRS is no small task.  The complexity of each case makes finding ideal solutions a challenge.  A tax lawyer has the education and experience to consider a wide variety of solutions for your specific tax problem.  A tax lawyer can communicate with the IRS on your behalf to insure deadlines are respected.

  • Proper Negotiation:  Tax law is complex and riddled with exceptions.  There is often no standard formula to determine how much you may or may not ultimately owe to the IRS.  Therefore disputing your tax bill with the IRS is best approached as a negotiation handled by legal professionals with negotiating experience.

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