Estate Planning Lawyer Gilbert, AZ

Estate Planning Lawyer Gilbert, AZ

Estate Planning Lawyer Gilbert, AZOver the past several decades, it has become increasingly socially acceptable to live with one’s romantic partner, build a life together and have a family without ever taking the step of getting legally married. Couples choose to forgo legal marriage for all sorts of reasons, which is perfectly understandable and more than fine. But just as it is important for engaged couples to understand the legal consequences of getting married, it is important for unmarried couples to understand the legal consequences of remaining unmarried.

There is no need to take the step of getting legally wed if you choose not to. But you may need to take some other legal steps to safeguard your interests, your partner’s interests and your children’s interests if you and your partner share children together. Working with an experienced Gilbert, Arizona estate planning lawyer can help you to protect your own interests and those of your family. 

Cohabitation, Custody, and Support

Because the law doesn’t legally recognize your partner’s role in your life and in your children’s lives, it may benefit your family to speak with an attorney about drafting a legally enforceable cohabitation agreement. Depending on your family’s unique needs, you can address virtually any subject matter within this document, provided that the law does not prohibit treatment of a specific point. You can discuss child support sharing expectations, property-related matters, financial obligations and even parenting plan/custody issues when appropriate. Every family is different, so speaking with your Gilbert, AZ estate planning lawyer will help you to be able to understand how this document could work to your particular family’s advantage on legal and practical levels.

Thinking Ahead: Estate Planning

When you are not married, your role in your partner’s life is not legally established. As a result, you may run into trouble down the road if you don’t embrace certain estate planning tools designed to ensure that your wishes are respected in the event that you suffer from an accident, become gravely ill or pass away. It is possible that if you do not legally name your partner as your power of attorney, etc. that you may not even be allowed to visit him or her in the hospital should an accident occur. Similarly, should you pass away unexpectedly, your partner may have difficulty obtaining legally recognized ownership of your half of your joint property. These are just two of the many challenges you (and your children) could face if you do not speak with a Gilbert, AZ estate planning lawyer about your estate planning needs.

Legal Support Is Available

If you have questions about any aspect of family law, please do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced Gilbert, AZ estate planning lawyer. Too often, individuals and families only reach out for legal guidance when they are in trouble. In reality, all kinds of people may benefit from speaking with an attorney about the particulars of their situation. This is as true in regards to family life as it is in business. You do not need to be in a position to file a legal claim in order to benefit from legal counsel. If you have questions about the legal side of parenting or romantic relationships, please consider connecting with the experienced legal team at Citadel Law Firm PLLC today.