5 Important Things to Know About Creating a Living Will in Arizona

5 Important Things to Know About Creating a Living Will in Arizona

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Did you know that according to the American Psychological Association only 25% of Americans have a Living Will? This means if you don't have one either, you are not alone. However, creating a living will is necessary in case anything unexpected occurs. Our Estate Planning Attorneys are here to help you.

Read on to learn about five important things to know about creating a living will in Arizona.

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1. Make your wishes clear

A living will is important because it can make out your wishes in the case of many circumstances. If you happen to come upon a difficult time, you can reduce the stress on you and your family by having a living will that clearly states your wishes.

The living will will make clear details like the use of feeding tubes, your wishes for resuscitation, if you want to be on life support or not, and procedures that can prolong your life. All your wishes related to an end of life emergency should get listed. During a challenging time, your family will have comfort knowing your wishes are being met. This reduces the risk of your family becoming divided on certain measures as well.

2. Limit the Emotional Burden on your loved one

Not only can having a living will eliminate the chances of your family becoming divided, but it will also limit the emotional burden. In case something happens to you, decisions don't have to be made by other people. The emotional turmoil of deciding on the right medical attention can be devastating for families.

3. Have it properly drafted to avoid issues

You can draft a living will on your own, however it is not recommended. Most people don't know where to start when it comes to making a living will. This is why hiring a lawyer to help you with the process is recommended.

A lawyer can give you advice on your will that is specific to your life. They will also be able to provide you with a living will form that can help you get through the process easier.

Drafting your living will with a lawyer is beneficial in many ways. Law professionals can also share information with you regarding medical advice. This includes understanding details on issues that could come up in the future, ow what could happen if you do not have a living will.

4. Have it witnessed and notarized

It is important to have the living will witnessed and notarized for it to get taken seriously. You should also consult your family about your wishes to ensure the wishes get met.

Some doctors do not honor a living will if there is a lot of family conflict. This means speaking to your family in advance can only be beneficial. It is important to try to get everyone on the same page with your decision.

5. Check the Laws

It is important to check the laws in your area so that you know what is required when it comes to a living will. In some cases, you will need a health care power of attorney. If you do not have certain documents, you could run into issues. That is why talking to an estate planning attorney to make sure that all your estate planning documents are properly drafted can make a huge difference. An estate planning attorney usually is also a probate lawyer, they can make sure that not only your living will is properly drafted, but all the documents that will help reduce the burden in your family.

Creating Your Living Will in Arizona

Creating your living will in Arizona is important whether you are healthy right now or not. A health problem can occur at any time and force your family to have to make difficult decisions in your behalf. Get them all on the same page in case of an emergency and also respect your wishes.

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