Estate Planning Attorney Queen Creek AZ

Estate Planning Attorney Queen Creek AZ

Estate Planning Attorney Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek is a fast growing town in the East Valley of Phoenix. It is also one of Arizona's best-kept secrets. It is a place where house is still affordable, crime is low, schools are good and commuting to and from the Phoenix metropolitan area is still doable. It makes Queen Creek a perfect destination for young families looking for a new town. The restaurants and local attractions are booming with young families with children. Queen Creek is for sure a pleasant place to call home.

As any fast growing area in the country there are challenges, the services that we need are not necessarily next door, finding professional services may require a quick drive to the closest metropolitan area. One of the challenges is to find a Queen Creek,AZ Estate Planning Attorney located close to you.

Estate Planning Attorney Queen Creek AZ

If you live in Queen Creek and you are looking for an Estate Planning Attorney close to you look no farther. Citadel Law Firm PLLC is located 10 to 15 minutes away from Queen Creek. We are located in Chandler but in the boarder with Gilbert. Our local attorneys will be pleased to offer you a free consultation to access your needs and the needs of your family. We want the Queen Creek residents to consider our law firm part of their community. We call help your family with all your estate planning needs and also tax needs today. We will also be able to help you with your family law needs as well in the near future.

We understand that younger families have different needs and estate planning is not necessarily a priority. We do believe that the earlier that you start adding estate planning to your family routine across the years, the better. Retirement planning is part of our estate planing consultation, our estate planning attorneys will help you plan in advance for your retirement. It is part of our job to educate you what you should have in place as you get older.

For our legal team it is a pleasure to help the residents of one of our favourite towns. Our founders expend a lot of their free time in Queen Creek on a regular basis. Mrs. Gerszewski specially loves travelling to The Pork Shop. She buys smoked meat to cook the Brazilian national dish, "Feijoada". A stop at the Queen Creek Olive Mill is always in the schedule as well, we love taking our out of town guests there for a good brunch and to purchase some locally produced olive oil.

Citadel Law is an estate planning law firm based at Queen Creek Road. If you drive west on Riggs Road, turn North on Cooper Road and then West again on Queen Creek Road you will arrive here. Our building is the Olive Green Building at the South Chandler Airport Complex. We added a map to this page with our location for your convenience. You can also get directions by clicking here.

Call today at (480)565-8020 to schedule your free consultation, it will be our pleasure to assist you. Our estate planning attorney queen creek are looking forward to talking to you.