Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Retirement Planning Services

Proper coordination of your estate planning, life insurance, investments, and long-term care is essential to minimizing risks to you, caring for your loved ones, and realizing your retirement dreams.  The professionals at the Citadel Law Firm ® work with you and your other advisors to define goals and create a coordinated strategy that builds security for you and protects your legacy as you transition through different stages of life.

We endeavor to understand your concerns when developing your estate plan.  Most clients desire a comprehensive approach to managing their affairs in case of death or disability.  This may include protecting and providing for a spouse, children, or even grandchildren.

We advise on strategies to defer, reduce, and sometimes even avoid estate taxes.  We can structure your plan to avoid probate in case of death or conservatorship in case of disability.

Minimizing the risks of will contests, challenges, or other fights over property upon death is always a concern.  Keeping your family together is as important to us as it is to you.

"Peace of mind comes from not wanting to change others."

(Gerald Jampolsky)

Estate Planning Considerations

Family related:

  • Providing for and protecting a spouse, child, and/or grandchild.
  • Protecting children’s inheritance from the possibility of failed marriages.
  • Desire to get affairs in order and create a comprehensive plan to manage affairs in case of death or disability.
  • Avoiding will contests, challenges, or other fights over property upon death.

Tax and efficiency:

  • Avoiding probate.
  • Avoiding a conservatorship (“living probate”) in case of a disability.
  • Reduce administration costs at time of your death.
  • Avoiding or reducing your estate taxes.

Business continuity:

  • Plan for the transfer and survival of a family business.
  • Protecting assets from lawsuits or creditors.
  • Preserving the privacy of affairs in case of disability or at time of death from business competitors, predators, dishonest persons, and curiosity seekers.

Special situations:

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