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What Is a Living Will and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Living Will and why do you need one | Estate Planning Attorney Chandler | Citadel Law Firm

What Is a Living Will and Why Do You Need One?

What is a living will? Everything you need to know about living wills and why you need to have one. Read more today and learn the benefits of a living will.

The question of what is a living will gets asked a lot in connection to estate planning. Many people make the mistake of thinking a living will is similar to a Last Will and Testament. It isn't the case.

A living will highlight the author's wishes for healthcare surrounding end-of-life and debilitating measures. Unfortunately, only one in four actually have one. In the following article, we'll go over the reasons you need a living will. Let's begin!

1. Express Wishes to Your Doctor

The main thing you'll need to start with when searching for a "living will lawyer near me" is what you want to convey to your doctor. The doctor's duty is to preserve life if at all possible.

However, they need some guidance from you if that's not how you see it. Sitting down with an attorney and going over your last wishes will give the doctor a clear idea of what to do for specific end-of-life situations with zero confusion.

2. Empower Surrogates to Make the Best Decision

Working with the best living will lawyer will also help you empower your healthcare surrogates or power of attorney to make the best decision possible based on the guidance you've left behind. This helps them avoid "paralysis by analysis," wherein they don't know what the best choice is for what you want.

3. Eliminate the Risk of Conflict

You also may want to hire a living will lawyer to help you craft yours because they will make sure nothing is left to interpretation. It's often in the interpretation that conflicts between family members and other loved ones can arise.

Maybe one family member heard a preference of yours that you have since changed your mind about. Getting it all in writing will help clarify what you want and keep a harmonious relationship between the people you love.

4. Reduce Any Emotional Stress That You Can

Death is a stressful time for everyone, especially your loved ones. They are experiencing the emotional pain and uncertainty that you could soon be leaving behind. One thing about a living will is that it helps reduce this emotional stress as much as possible.

Think about your children. Your siblings. Your best friends. You want them to feel at peace with the decisions that you have made, and establishing a living will is the only way to do that.

5. Give Closure

The purpose of any guide to living wills should be to help you help them. Your final wishes regarding healthcare and end-of-life measures will bring closure for your loved ones as they say goodbye.

They won't spend any time wondering if they made the right decisions. Instead, they will remember you for the love and support that you provided them.

Learning What Is a Living Will Is Only Part of the Journey

We hope by know you can answer the question of what is a living will confidently. More importantly, you should know there are ample reasons to have one, and that goes for everyone from young to old.

Also, you should frequently revisit the terms of your living will to ensure they're still in line with what you want as you get older. Need qualified legal help with the process? Contact the Citadel Law Firm today for answers to your questions. Call (480) 565-8020 or click here to schedule your free consultation, we will be pleased to help you with your estate planning and living will.

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