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5 Tips for Finding an Estate Planning Attorney Near Me

5 Tips for Finding an Estate Planning Attorney Near Me | Citadel Law Firm

5 Tips for Finding an Estate Planning Attorney Near Me

Are you asking yourself: How do I go about finding the right estate planning attorney near me? Keep reading and learn more here.

We have more than 70,000 attorneys and law firms that dedicate their legal services to estate planning in the US. Ohio is among the leading states with the highest density of estate planning lawyers, followed by Michigan and Washington DC.

But what’s the essence of working with an experienced estate planning attorney near me? An estate planning lawyer will ensure that your current estate plan matches your needs. The attorney will also update your estate portfolio to meet regulatory requirements.

However, you only experience the best legal services if you hire the right attorney. So, how do you find a lawyer with extensive knowledge in estate planning law? How do you handpick the best estate planning attorney among the tens of thousands of practitioners?

Here are five tips to get you started.

1. Look Beyond Your Geographical Location

Of course, working with an estate planning attorney near me is convenient. You can easily schedule meetings and make impromptu appearances when needed to do so. However, different locations have varying densities of estate planning law firms.

Don’t settle for less if you can’t find an excellent match within your area of residence. Instead, extend your search to neighboring counties. Retaining an attorney to help with your estate plan can be pretty expensive but having the wrong attorney can be even more expensive. Family disputes and estate planning litigation are time consuming, stressful and far for cheap.  Thus, you only want to work with the right and best estate planning attorney for your specific situation.

2. Inquire About a Malpractice Insurance

Attorneys are well-learned. Even so, anyone can make mistakes, especially when it comes to litigation or filing of documents. In that case, you should work with an estate planning lawyer who is ready to take responsibility in case a mistake occurs.

A lawyer with a valid legal malpractice insurance cover sounds like a good option. Although not all states make this a mandatory requirement, lawyers with this policy prioritize the interest of their clients.

3. Friends and Family Can Refer You to the Best Estate Planning Attorney

Direct recommendations are worth a shot when it comes to finding a trustworthy estate planning attorney. Ask your friends and family members to point you to the right law firm. Even if they can’t give you a specific option, they can help you create a shortlist.

However, note that direct recommendations are as good as only when you get them from responsible people. That said, share your inquiries with only friends who have the same goals as you.

4. Check Client Reviews

It will help if you do in-depth research on your shortlisted law firms. Visit their official websites and check what other clients say about their services. You can even research the mentioned clients to see if they really benefited from the law firm’s services as claimed.

5. Set Up a Meeting

Reading online reviews on law firms and attorneys should leave you with a handful of options. Set up physical meetings with all these lawyers to see how they approach your estate plan. Use this opportunity to gauge the attorney’s enthusiasm. Most estate planning attorneys do offer a free consultation but make sure to ask about the cost of the estate planning services they offer.

Most importantly, note their character traits. An attorney whose personality blends with yours will be easier to work with.

The Best Estate Planning Attorney Near Me

Your search should start with a simple Google search for “the right estate planning attorney near me”. However, follow every tip in this guy if you’re going to score an experienced attorney.

Also, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation. You can click here to schedule you free estate planning consultation or call (480) 565-8020, all our attorneys at Citadel Law Firm will be pleased to help.