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6 Reasons To Hire an Estate Planning Attorney in Chandler, AZ

6 Reasons To Hire an Estate Planning Attorney in Chandler, AZ | Citadel Law Firm

6 Reasons To Hire an Estate Planning Attorney in Chandler, AZ

In the United States, only 46% of people have a will that states how they want their estate to be administered after their death. Having a will is good because it will legally express your wishes to the probate court, but it is not necessarily the best strategy.

Still, it can be difficult to create a legally binding will on your own. To get help with the estate planning process, you can hire an estate planning attorney in Chandler, AZ.

Do you want to learn more about the reasons you should hire estate planning attorneys? Keep reading these top six reasons why you need to work with a legal professional.

1. Saves Time, Money, and Stress

One of the biggest benefits of working with an estate planning lawyer is that they can save you time, money, and stress. The estate planning process can be complex and difficult to understand without the right knowledge.

If you attempt to do it on your own, it will take much longer to get your estate planning finalized. Plus, it is very likely you will make mistakes when you are creating an estate plan.

An experienced attorney will have the right knowledge and qualifications to efficiently help with your estate planning. Plus, they know the ins and outs of the process and will be able to avoid many estate planning mistakes. A qualified estate planning attorney will help you avoid probate or make sure you don't disqualify for government benefits.

2. Stay Compliant With the Law

Another reason why you should hire estate planning lawyers is that they can help you stay compliant with the law. Laws regarding probate and estate planning are specific to your state. If you are worried about not having money to pay for a retirement home when the time comes make sure to hire an estate planning attorney that has expertise in Elder Law as well.

Plus, they can change over time. If you don't stay up to date with each of these changes, you may not have a legal plan for your estate.

When you have an estate planning lawyer, they will stay on top of these laws and will ensure that your documents are always compliant with state laws. This way, you will have peace of mind and confidence that your estate plan fits the state law and will be administered in the way that you want.

3. Provides Legal Advice

Next, an Arizona estate planning attorney can provide you with legal advice while you are planning for your estate. In some cases, it can be difficult to determine who your beneficiaries should be and how to ensure that your estate plan includes all of your assets.

Your estate planning lawyer can provide you with advice during every step of the process! They can also help you make changes to your estate plan if your circumstances change.

Regardless of your needs, an attorney can provide you with expert legal advice!

4. Your Documents Will Say Exactly What You Want

An estate planning attorney will also ensure that your legal documents say exactly what you want them to. When you take care of your own estate planning, there is always a chance that you will not word your wishes in the correct ways.

Estate planning requires specific and complex language to prevent misinterpretation. If you don't understand exactly how you need to do, your estate may be handled incorrectly after your death. You wouldn't try to operate your own arm if it was broken, you would have a doctor do it. It is the same with your estate planning, you don't want to subject your life savings to your lack of knowledge and expertise.

Working with an experienced lawyer will ensure that you have someone who understands your wishes for your estate and will create an estate planning startegy that says exactly what you want to be done with your estate.

Plus, having an estate planning attorney makes it easier to update your documents when you want to make changes to them. Over time, you may have different wishes for your estate.

So, it is important that you regularly revisit your estate planning documents as your experience changes in your life or finances.

5. Avoid the Probate Process

When you hire an estate planning attorney, they can also help your beneficiaries avoid the expensive and long probate process. A Last Will and Testament by default will not avoid probate, a combination of a Last Will and Testament with a beneficiary deed or with a Living Trust may avoid probate.

The probate process can take years and may even cost several thousand dollars. At Citadel Law Firm we work with our clients to avoid probate as much as we can.

Plus, your rightful beneficiaries may have to deal with other claims to your estate. This can be stressful for them, especially after dealing with the loss of a loved one.

An attorney will do everything they can to help your family avoid the probate process. If the need for probate arises, they will be able to help your family through the process efficiently.

6. Offers Protection for You, Your Family, and Assets

Finally, an estate planning attorney offers protection for you, your family, and your assets.

When you pass, you can feel confident that your estate planning lawyer will be a good resource for your loved ones as they are dealing with their loss. It will also ensure that your estate is administered smoothly and without any issues.

It will also ensure that your loved ones and beneficiaries do not have to jump through any hoops after you have passed. To ensure that your beneficiaries are left in good hands after your passing, it is essential that you hire an estate planning attorney.

Looking for An Estate Planning Attorney in Chandler, AZ?

Estate planning is an essential part of preparing for your future and will ensure that your assets are administered in the exact way that you want. Hiring an estate planning attorney in Chandler, AZ can provide you with these benefits and more!

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