Elder Law Chandler, AZ

Elder Law Chandler, AZ

Don’t Write Checks to a Nursing Home Before Reading This

Clients often search online for an asset protection lawyer and elder law attorney in Chandler.  Whether clients come to us for asset protection, or elder law Chandler, or basic estate planning for a simple will or living trust, we almost always counsel clients and their families to avoid simply writing checks for long term care or nursing home costs and hope the money doesn’t run out.  Those who do this risk the devastating consequences of either burning through life savings in a matter of months or placing the financial burden on children who then jeopardize their own welfare in the future.  And, ultimately, when the money runs out no matter who is paying, the options then become very limited indeed for seniors.

Elder Law Chandler, AZ - Don’t Write Checks to a Nursing Home Before Reading This

The cost of a private room in a nursing home averaged almost $8,200 in Arizona in 2019.  This means, absent long term care insurance or government benefits, a family can pay almost $100,000 out of pocket every year after moving their loved one into a safe and secure nursing home environment where they can be well cared for by a professional staff.  While the financial burden of this is concerning at the outset, it is important to also consider that nursing home costs are rising 3-7% annually depending on your location.

Fortunately, asset protection lawyers and elder law attorney educate seniors and their families on the other options to prepare for and to pay for these nursing home expenses and other long term care expenses, many of which can be offered in the home.  Clients who come to Citadel Law Firm for estate planning often start by telling us they’ve never visited an elder law attorney – or any other type of lawyer – in their lives.  They express concern that lawyers are expensive or unaffordable.  We very quickly put these concerns to bed.  A good elder law attorney will usually pay for themselves not only in the savings a senior and their family will reap but also in the government benefits for which they will qualify, oftentimes within a matter of weeks of their first meeting with the elder law attorney.  The elder law attorneys in Chandler, Arizona, at Citadel Law Firm offer FREE case evaluation meetings for seniors who want to explore their options to pay for long term care, to engage in asset protection planning to protect life savings, and most importantly to not run out of money and keep their options open.

The important thing to remember is that the earlier you engage an elder law attorney or asset protection lawyer at Citadel Law Firm the sooner you may qualify for benefits.  Moreover, the earlier you start your planning with an elder law attorney the more options you will have for paying for your care and the more options you will have the residential situations available to you.

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