Wills and Trusts Online in Arizona

Wills and Trusts Online in Arizona

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  • We communicate well and guide you every step of the way.
  • Price Transparency: one flat rate usually applies to most cases.
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    Talk to an estate planning attorney today to do your Online Estate Planning in Arizona.

    We can help you to prepare your Wills and Trusts Online in AZ today. We can also help you with your Last Will and Testament Online in Arizona. We want to make sure your stay out of probate court.

    A lot of our clients are afraid when they start the estate planning process with us. They have so many questions about the process and how long it will take. The time that it will take is specially important for adults that have a busy life. They can't take a lot of time from work to see an estate planning lawyer. If you are unable to see a lawyer in person, go to willsandtrust.com and start your online process today.

    Although Arizona now allow for wills to be done online we still prefer to create a mix between a online process and an in-person process. It is with that idea in mind that we decided to offer estate plan in an online format. However, before you come in to make a will or trust, look up willsandtrust.com to learn more about it and expand your knowledge if you would like to do this online.

    Setting up a will online is a little different than doing one in person. You will meet the attorney virtually and get all your drafts done online. When the drafts are finalized we send a copy of your Living Trust and your Last Will and Testament for your to sign, as well as any Powers of Attorney and Property Deeds. You follow the instructions in the package that you receive in the mail.

    After you are done signing you send it back to our law firm office in Chandler, AZ. We create an electronic copy of your files, we register any documents that need to be registered with a court or registrar, and we send the documents back to you. One commonly question asked is do lawyers keep copies of trusts? Here at our law firm, we keep copies for up to 3 years.

    We will instruct you how to address bank accounts, real property, personal property, guard for minor children, etc.

    You are not buying a legal document hoping that it will comply with the Arizona probate code and keep you out of the probate process. You will received the guidance of an estate planning attorney and the support of a legal team from your own home. Only an attorney can provide legal advice in Arizona, you do receive that in our Trusts and Wills Online package.

    Although doing a virtual estate planning can sound intimidating we can guarantee you will have a great experience. You don't need to be physically present to see how much we care. We also offer online living trust reviews if you already have a trust.

    Wills and Trusts Online in Arizona

    How do you start the Online Estate Planning in Arizona?

    Are online wills legally binding?

    Please follow the steps below to start your Estate Planning online with Citadel Law Firm.

    Step 1) Schedule your free consultation with our legal team. Call (480) 565-8020 or click here to schedule. If you have a case that we can help our legal team will schedule you with an attorney.

    Step 2) A call will be scheduled with the attorney and an intake questionnaire will be send to you to complete before your next consultation.

    Step 3) Attend your virtual consultation and choose the plan that best addresses the need of your family. We offer the plans below:

    • Online Incapacity Planning - powers of attorney to help your family members make decisions for you and your surviving spouse in case you become incapacitated;
    • Online Will and Testament - differently from other law firms we don't think everybody needs a trust. An Arizona Will may be more than enough for you.
    • Trusts and Wills Online - That is our full living trust package with the goal to avoid probate. It will have a living trust, a Last Will and Testament, as well as all the powers of attorney you will need.
    • Asset Protection Living Trusts - although we prefer to see you in the office for this specific package we can still do it for you online.
    • Add ons -> for people with extra properties or businesses we offer Beneficiary Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds as well as LLC creation as part of our Online services. We will make sure that all property is added into trust and recorded, electronic record will be used when available.

    Step 4) After payment is made we will send your package by mail. We will instruct you in how to execute it. Not all documents need witnesses but by having two witnesses in a Will it will be self proving.

    Step 5) You go to a public notary or hire a mobile notary that can go to you. They will make sure you are of sound mind to sign and they will request a government issued identification card. You get your new Will, new Wrust and new POAs signed and you send them back to us by mail.

    Step 6) After we receive your package we will scan everything and send it back to you. You will keep the originals but we will also provide an electronic copy of your documents online for your future reference. We will also keep it in our system for future reference and to help your living relatives when the time comes.

    An original Will need to be submitted to the probate court. Make sure you keep your documents in a safe place. If you already have an existing Will before working with us we will instruct what to do with that simple will as well as any other documents that existed before.

    By working with an attorney we can guide you correctly and help you every step of the way. All your assets will be protected.

    That is it, you are all done. You can rest in peace now know that your assets are protected and your beneficiaries will get them when the time comes.

    We can accomplish all the above for a reasonable amount of time and money. It will be more expensive than downloading unverified documents from the internet, but it will be more reasonably priced that our in-office services. You will receive limited legal advice from our estate planning attorneys. By working more with our legal team and by doing your signing on your own we keep the costs lower.

    Are you ready to start? Call Citadel Law Firm today at (480) 565-8020 or click here to schedule your free wills and trusts online assessment. We can also help set up online wills and power of attorney.

    Frequently asked questions about our Wills and Trusts Online process for Arizona

    1. How long does it take to get my online process finished?

      It usually takes 2 weeks from the moment you meet for the first time until you receive your estate planning package at your home. From there it is up to you to sign and send it back to us.

      We send your documents back to our clients in up to 2 businesses days after we receive them by mail and we verify all signatures and we scan the portfolio. Electronic copies are provided within one business day.

    2. Are your Wills and Trusts Online package compliant with Arizona law?

      Yes, our Wills and Trusts Online package follow the same guideline that we use for our in-office service. All our packages will comply with Arizona law.

    3. Does a Will avoid probate? Does a Trust avoid probate in Arizona?

      A will does not necessarily avoid probate in Arizona. If you have a will alone, your estate will still need to go through probate in Arizona to validate the will and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. A will combined with a beneficiary deed may avoid probate.

      A last will and testament on its own doesn't avoid probate court and sometimes it can make the whole process more expensive for your surviving spouse or your personal representative. Intestate succession can be complicated in Arizona.

      On the other hand, a trust can be used to avoid probate in Arizona, if it is properly funded and administered. A trust is a legal arrangement in which you transfer ownership of your assets to a trustee, who manages the assets for the benefit of your designated beneficiaries. If you have a properly funded and administered trust, your assets will pass directly to your beneficiaries outside of probate, and your wishes will be carried out privately and efficiently. That is the best way for your children to inherit your assets.

    4. Can I live my assets to charitable organizations?

      Yes, you can definitely leave your assets to charitable organizations through your will or other estate planning documents. Charitable giving can be a great way to support causes that you care about and leave a positive impact on the world.

      There are several ways to leave assets to charities in your estate plan, including:

      Direct bequest: You can name a specific charity or charities as beneficiaries of your estate in your will or living trust.

      Charitable trust: You can set up a charitable trust during your lifetime or as part of your estate plan, which allows you to donate assets to charity while retaining some control over them during your lifetime.

      Before making any decisions about charitable giving in your estate plan, it's important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the most effective and tax-efficient way possible. That is a service we offer in-person only.

    5. Are holographic Wills valid in Arizona? How about e wills in Arizona?

      Holographic wills are handwritten wills. They are valid in the state of Arizona. To be self proved a will need to be signed in front of a notary and two witnesses.

      E Wills are valid in Arizona since 2019 but we do not offer this type of service. The person signing the last will still have to provide a government issued identification card and e-sign it in front of a notary.

    6. Can a Will be electronically signed? Do you offer that service?

      Although you can create an electronic will and use electronic signatures we don't offer that service. Arizona is one of the few states that has an electronic will. The state laws are not old enough to provide good example cases and precedent. Because of that we prefer to send you your Arizona Will and have you sign it. We don't plan to offer electronic wills and electronic signature in the near future.

      In Arizona, trust and estate lawyers play a vital role in guiding individuals through the intricacies of estate planning. When considering online options, health-on-line trusts and online revocable trusts have gained popularity for their accessibility and convenience. Engaging with a reputable Arizona trust estate lawyer ensures that online estate planning tools, such as revocable trusts and wills on-line, are crafted in accordance with Arizona's legal requirements. These professionals offer valuable expertise to those seeking a reliable online will check, ensuring that their testamentary documents align with their intentions and comply with the applicable laws. Leveraging the services of Arizona trust estate lawyers ensures a comprehensive and legally sound approach to estate planning, whether utilizing online resources or traditional legal avenues.

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