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Why Do I Need a Living Will?

Why do I need a Living Will - Estate Planning Attorney Chandler, AZ - Citadel Law Firm

It's the last thing most people want to think about: creating a will of any kind. But adults need to consider how to help their loved ones make decisions regarding their health when they are unable to do so. That's where a living will comes in, it will be related to end of life medical decisions.

If you are not sure about creating a living will for yourself, keep reading. We're going to explain all the details about what a living will is and why every adult needs one.

What is a Living Will?

When most people think about wills, they think about a person's last will and testament. This is a document that determines how to distribute your property and wealth after you die.

A living will is something different, it takes care of your end of life decisions and what you want to happen when you are not able to decide by yourself. The only time a living will comes into play is if you are incapacitated, unable to communicate, or considered mentally incompetent. It gives your loved ones and your medical care team a clear guide on what your medical wishes and needs are when you can't speak for yourself.

You may also have heard living wills referred to as advanced directives. A Living Will can be a great source of comfort for your family.

A Living Wills Protects Your Wishes

It's a good idea for everyone to have a living will properly discussed and drafted by an estate planning attorney. You never know when an accident will happen and in the event of a traumatic injury or illness, you don't want to leave your family members unprepared. And while it's a good idea to make sure you verbally communicate how you want your medical care to be handled, the only way to ensure that this is legally enforceable is by creating a living will.

Doctors turn to your closest family when you can't make decisions for your own health. This is a huge burden for anyone to bear and it becomes even worse when family members disagree. Knowing exactly what to do by following your living will wishes will help give your family peace of mind and avoid conflict between family members.

In some cases, in order to end life support, a living will is required and the medical team taking care of you will ask for it.

How to Create a Living Will

It's important that you talk to an estate planning lawyer when you want to create a living will. Each state has a specific form or rules you have to consider. The only way to be absolutely certain that your will is enforceable is to make source you work with an attorney that know the state laws.

It is important to be specific about how you want your medical care to be handled and talk to the person or people you want to be in charge of making these tough calls. Making a family member aware of your wishes will help in case of an emergency. When you work with an will and trust attorney they make sure to not leave anything up to interpretation.

Your lawyer will also make sure that your living will is signed in the presence of a witness to follow state rules. You should also keep a copy in a safe place at home, and give one to your primary caregiver.

Find a Lawyer for a Living Will Chandler AZ Families Rely On

A living will is an important document for every adult to have. It's the only way to ensure that your loved ones will know what your medical wishes are. It will also be a legally enforceable document in the event of a disagreement between family members.

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