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How to choose an Estate Planning Attorney

How to choose an estate planning attorney | Estate Planning Chandler AZ

How to choose an Estate Planning Attorney

Finding an estate planning attorney should not be taken lightly. Other than experience and knowledge, click here to see what other factors you should consider.

Did you know that the state of Arizona reports more than $65 million in unclaimed property, and some date back 30 years?

Getting an appropriate estate planning attorney may be a daunting task. You might even attempt to postpone handling your estate plan issues entirely. But you shouldn't let it happen.

Estate planning is an integral part of planning for the future. More importantly, it is critical for your dear ones' future.

Still, we understand that it can be intimidating to take on - what else should you look for in an Estate Planning lawyer? How do you know who to believe? Where do you even begin your search for a qualified lawyer?

Here is what you should know when choosing an estate planning attorney in Chandler.

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Launch a Potential Candidate Search

Which estate planning attorney in Chandler do you know? A potential candidate search is a must-do when finding an estate planning attorney.

Start with an internet search to create a list of the available options within your locality. Most attorneys have an online presence meaning the internet helps with finding an estate planning attorney near me.

Utilize the search bar on your browser and filter the results within your area. For instance, type "Chandler" + "Estate planning attorney" for an estate planning attorney in Chandler.

Use the internet to check the estate attorney's reviews and ratings. Testimonials from past clients tell about the experience of working with the attorney. You should also check for third-party website reviews for a clearer picture of what to expect.

Interview the Prospects Estate Attorneys

How much do you know about the estate planning attorney? Having a sit down with the estate attorney is critical to know them better. You're also able to identify other services they offer alongside estate planning.

Please schedule a consultation with each of the prospects and interview them. Interviews offer the chance to ask questions you have about their services. The estate attorney also reviews your case to recommend an estate plan.

During the interview, check their licensing and certification to ascertain they're qualified. Ask the attorney about their work experience and the past projects they've handled.

You must ensure they're compatible and easy to work with. Trust your gut and choose an estate planning attorney with whom you're comfortable.

Depending of your age and assets you may want to consider an estate planning attorney that also has experience with elder law. Some estate planning attorneys are also elder law attorneys. If you have substantial assets, usually above $5 million, consider talking to an estate planning attorney that also has a background in tax law.

Review the Agreement Terms Before Signing

Once you've settled on a single prospect, the job isn't yet done. You'll need to establish the terms of your agreement and sign to hire them officially.

Read through the terms of the agreement they offer and ensure it's favorable. The details are in fine print, which you should go through carefully.

Part of the agreement relates to their service rates which you'll need to negotiate. Check the cost of your plan to make sure you are comfortable with it. Ensure that you can afford the attorney's services them before signing.

You Now Know How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

Choosing an estate planning attorney has never been easier. Consider the above tips when finding one. Working with the best estate planning attorney protects your wealth and legacy.

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