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5 Reasons to Get an Estate Planning Lawyer Near Me

5 Reasons to Get an Estate Planning Lawyer Near Me | Chandler, AZ

5 Reasons to Get an Estate Planning Lawyer Near Me

Are you wondering: Is hiring an estate planning lawyer near me really worth the cost? It is! Keep reading and learn more here.

Are you asking yourself, “Why should I get an estate planning lawyer near me?".

Every individual has an estate that may consist of your home, cars, savings and checking accounts, real estate investment properties, furniture, life insurance, and other personal belongings. But what will happen to your belongings in the unfortunate event that you pass away?

Chances are, you want to control how your estate will be distributed to the organizations and people you love. And this is where estate planning comes in. Estate planning is a portfolio of documents that lists who you’d like to receive your asset, what they will get, and when they will get it.

Below are other essential reasons why you should look for an estate planning lawyer as soon as possible:

1. It Protects Your Family and Assets

Hiring an estate planning attorney is the best way to protect your family and your assets once you’re gone. That’s because the estate plan will include essential documents that ensure your family and loved ones won’t have to go through legal hoops to get your assets. You will also have documents in place for people to be able to make decisions for you in case you can't make them.

These documents include:

The above documents will give directives on how the people you care about will inherit your assets. It will also include a directive on who will have control of your estate until your beneficiary receives the assets.

Additionally, documents such as Guardian Nomination protect any minor children from going into the system as it states who will take care of them when you’re gone.

2. They Will Save You Time and Energy

Estate planning is a headache you wouldn’t want to go through. It involves filing the proper documents to state and record all your wishes. This will help your family and loved ones to find your insurance policies, titles, financial records, and beneficiary designations once you’re gone.

Additionally, it will be easier to find and correct mistakes in the planning before you pass away. If you decide to handle the process on your own, you could risk making huge mistakes. Such mistakes include leaving some people out of your will, creating an inadequate estate plan, or forgetting to update the plan whenever there are changes in your life.

3. They Will Help You Reduce Tax Liabilities

The best way to reduce your tax liabilities is by hiring an estate planning lawyer. They will evaluate your properties and determine the gross estate value, check whether you’re eligible for any deductions, and calculate the total expenses incurred when settling your estate. These are all essential steps to determine whether you’re liable for federal estate taxes.

Estate Planning Lawyer Near Me: Hire Us Today

When looking for the right estate planning attorney, go to Google and search “Estate planning lawyer near me.” Then check out the list of lawyers on the result page and find one near you.

But if you’re in Arizona, ensure you contact us at Citadel Law Firm. We will help you plan your estate, draft your will while ensuring we respect your wishes. Contact us today for a free consultation, call (480)565-8020 or click in the link. We will help you protect your family and your estate.