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What Will the Best Estate Planning Lawyer Do for You? A Guide

What Will the Best Estate Planning Lawyer Do for You? A Guide | Estate Planning Chandler AZ

What Will the Best Estate Planning Lawyer Do for You? A Guide

Are you unsure what the best estate planning lawyer might be able to do for you? Read on and learn more about estate planning lawyers here.

Less than half of US adults have a will, according to a recent Gallup poll. Perhaps you're one of them — and you may not even realize that you need one.

However, everyone has an estate. All of your belongings and assets are your estate, and you need an estate plan so that those valuables will be distributed as you wish when you die. That's where an estate planning attorney comes in.

You don't just want any legal professional on your side — you want the best estate planning lawyer you can find. Here's what to expect from a top-tier attorney in this field.

What is an Estate Planning Attorney?

By now, you can probably gather what your estate planning attorney will do. You will go to your lawyer with an idea of what you want to happen to your assets when you die. They will then make sure that all of these desires are in writing, and they will also make sure there's a way to put your plan into action in the event of your death.

Your lawyer will be able to tell you how estate planning works federally and on a state level, too. They can tell you how your loved ones will be taxed when they inherit your assets.

On top of that, an estate planning attorney can tell you about the probate process, should that happen when there isn't a probate avoidance strategy in place.

What Will the Best Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

Now, those are the basics. What will the best estate planning lawyer do for you?

Along with knowing the law and ensuring your documents will hold up in court, the best estate planning attorney will:

Help You Avoid a Lengthy Probate Process

We've already touched on the probate process, but we didn't mention the tough toll it can take. Not only is it expensive, but it will mean that your last will and testament is open to the public, as it will be a court record.

The best estate planning attorney can help you avoid probate altogether by ensuring that every last asset is designated to a beneficiary or a Living Trust strategy is in place. That way, there's nothing to verify or contest.

Make Sure You're Looked After

Your will may also cover your healthcare wishes. A great attorney will help you decide who can serve as your voice to express the way in which you'd like to be cared for in the hospital. For example, they can guide you to choose a loved one who can tell doctors whether or not to resuscitate you in a medical emergency by having a Living Will in place for you.

Protect Your Family

The right estate planning attorney will know how important a will is in protecting your family. As such, they will be knowledgeable, but they will also be understanding and gentle with you as you designate your assets. You won't feel judgment in your choices.

They will also ensure that it's easy for your family to settle your estate when your time comes. That means you won't have to worry about the future — everything will be handled for them, so there won't be additional stress as they grieve.

Find the Best Estate Planning Attorney

Now you know what these legal professionals do and how to find the best estate planning attorney around you. We think we fit that bill as experts in the field, but also as compassionate guides through this process.

Get started today — click here to schedule your free consultation or call (480) 565-8020, the estate planning attorneys at Citadel Law Firm will be pleased to help you.

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