Estate Planning Chandler, AZ

Estate Planning Chandler, AZ

Why do your estate planning with a local attorney in Chandler?

Estate Planning in Chandler should be a big part of your retirement planning. Having a local attorney that can help you close to home also makes the execution of all your documents easier. Citadel Law Firm is based in Chandler, Arizona. We offer Estate Planning Services locally. Our office is located just south of the Chandler Airport. Our office is in a convenient location for Gilbert and Queen Creek residents as well. Citadel Law Firm is also not too far from Mesa.

Your estate planning is not just a set of documents filled out with your information. Your estate planning is a long term relationship with an attorney. The attorney will take time to understand the particularities of your family and created an estate planning that is right for you. All your documents are tailor made to your needs and the needs of your family.

Estate Planning Chandler - Citadel Law Firm

We also know that in one of the worst times of your families life, when they lose someone that they love deeply, we will be here for them. We will know who they are, we will be kind and treat them with compassion. We will address them by their name when they come to our office for their follow up consultation. Your family will have lost a loved family member, we will also lose someone that we got to know well, someone that we have the pleasure to help. Is part of our job to make that difficult movement a little bit easier for your family.


Estate Planning Process

The estate planning process at Citadel Law Firm follow the steps below:

  1. You contact our office and schedule a free estate planning consultation. You also will have the option to attend one of our Estate Planning Chandler seminars beforehand if you prefer, and later schedule your free consultation. The estate planning seminar will help you to understand the estate planning options better. The consultation is designed to go over the specific estate planning needs of your family.
  2. After you attend your consultation and you decide to work with us we will schedule your next appointment to do the drafting for your estate planning. We will go over in even more details about all the particularities of your family. A few subjects that we usually address when we do your estate planning are:
    • Do you have any special needs in your family?
    • Are you concern about long-term care and the cost of nursing home?
    • Do you have any issues of substance abuse in your family?
    • Are you trying to protect any assets from irresponsible behavior for the younger generations?
    • Are you afraid of becoming incapacitate and have someone take care of you?
    • Do you have any concerns about probate? Are you trying to avoid probate all together?
  3. After the drafting meeting we will schedule a third meeting to go over all the documents that we prepared for you in details and have them all signed. That meeting should bring you peace of mind.  You will know that all your estate planning needs will be taken care of by a competent estate planning lawyer.

Depending of the type of estate planning that we prepare for you may or may not need additional guidance. We usually recommend reviewing your estate planning every three years. You don't have to worry about it though, Citadel Law attorneys usually contact you after three years to see if any changes happened that will require doing changes in your estate planning documents. You are welcome to contact us at any time as well in case you have questions or need to revise your estate planning.

All our estate planning services are done on a flat fee basis. We believe that having a flat fee structure incentives the communication between client and attorney, we reflects in to a better customer experience.

Contact Citadel Law Firm PLLC today to schedule you free estate planning consultation. You can call us at (480)565-8020. Or if you prefer you can attend one of our estate planning seminars that are done on a regular basis.