Arizona Beneficiary Deed

Arizona Beneficiary Deed

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There are many options to consider when creating a solid plan for how your property will be dispensed after your death. Your lawyer may propose the inclusion of specific provisions in your will or the creation and funding of a trust. On the contrary, a different proposition might be to use a deed to pass on your property to your heirs. Therefore, If you own legitimate property, it’s important to know the benefits and disadvantages of using a beneficiary deed.

Majority of deeds transfer property at the moment. A beneficiary deed passes on your property to a beneficiary upon your death. However, as grantor of the property, you hold ownership and control your property during your lifetime, therefore allowing you to revoke it anytime.

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Benefits of Arizona Beneficiary Deeds:

  • Reduced Fees: Beneficiary deeds may reduce fees for managing trusts and more.
  • Loans: After signing a beneficiary deed, grantors can still do what they want with their possessions, i.e., mortgaging or selling the possessions.
  • No Probate Required: Any possessions transferred through a deed are not required to go through probate.
  • Quick Property Transfer: After the grantor passes, transferring the property to the beneficiaries is easy.


Disadvantages of Arizona Beneficiary Deeds:

  • Beneficiary Problems: This kind of deed allows your heirs to sell or get a mortgage against your possessions immediately after your death, as long as they are not fiscally responsible.
  • No Auto-transfer: The property isn’t a part of his or her estate if the beneficiary dies before you.
  • Lack of Protection for Assets: Property is given to beneficiaries with no protection from divorces, lawsuits, creditors, etc.
  • Taxes: Transferred property can be taxed at a higher rate.
  • Eligibility for Medicaid: Your eligibility for receiving Medicaid may be affected. Talking to an elder care attorney about long term care planning is an important part of your estate planning.
  • Does Not Address Incapacity: This form of transfer does not protect against any disabilities or incapacities. The possessions can not be sold to pay for your care.


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