Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other documents all work together to ensure your wishes and end-of-life directives are carried out as you desire. We devote our practice to comprehensively developing an estate plan for you. We work with you to discern your goals, concerns, and risks unique to your family.  Only then do we draft the specific documents to incorporate all aspects of your plan to achieve the desired results.

What are Wills?

A Will is a legal instrument that expresses the wishes of a deceased person.  A will has no operative power until the moment of death and serves as evidence to a court of how a person desires for their property to be distributed.  A will can also include provisions for the care of minor children, the creation of testamentary trusts to manage assets, and the expression personal wishes in writing that may not have been conveyed to loved ones during life.  But importantly, a will does not of itself affect the transfer or reregistration of property.  A will only provides guidance to a court of how a deceased person would like their property to be transferred in a public legal process known as probate.  A will by itself will not avoid probate.

"Ideally a lawyer should draft a will. Only an expert legal professional can advise the best alternatives with respect to an individual's estate plan."

State Bar of Arizona: Wills and Trusts

What is the difference between a Living Will and a Last Will & Testament?

Living Will

A Living Will declares to specific parties your end of life wishes.  If you are no longer capable of communicating your wishes yourself, a Living Will declares under what circumstances you want to be allowed to die.

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Last Will and Testament

A “Will”, or “Last Will”, or “Last Will and Testament” is a document executed by a person with sufficient mental capacity that declares how that person wishes his or her property to be distributed upon death.

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    The State Bar of Arizona has a great resource for you to understand Wills and Trusts better. They do recommend that all documents should be done by a legal professional.

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