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What Services Do Trust Attorneys Provide for Elder Law

What Services Do Trust Attorneys Provide for Elder Law 1

What Services Do Trust Attorneys Provide for Elder Law

As much younger adults have legal needs, so do ageing adults. Their legal needs could include health care, caregiving costs, retirement, disability, guardianship and long-term care.

Meanwhile, a trust attorney is an estate planning attorney who helps trustors, settlors, beneficiaries and heirs achieve their inheritance from probate. However, they can also act as Elder Law Attorneys because of their knowledge of the law.

Elder law attorneys understand the legal issues that ageing adults tend to face, so they advocate for older adults as well as their loved ones and family members.

What Services Do Trust Attorneys Provide for Elder Law 1

Certified elder law attorneys handle a wide range of legal matters including legal issues related to:

  • Long-term care planning
  • Guardianship
  • Retirement
  • Social security
  • Estate planning
  • Financial planning
  • Healthcare
  • Elder abuse
  • End-of-life planning

Also, elder law attorneys are more skilled and better equipped to take on the emotional and sensitive needs of older or disabled adults. They have years of experience handling different challenging situations and can provide the best legal service and advice on a wide range of elder care issues.

What services do elder law attorneys provide?

Elder law attorneys are different from other attorneys. Their practices are defined not by the legal problems they handle but by the type of people they help. Elder law attorneys help families with ageing adults maximise their independence and quality of life. They ensure older persons receive all the help they need in ways that best utilize family and government resources.

There are several advantages involved in working with an elder law attorney which covers both the older person and their family. The first benefit is that the elder law attorney has experience in communicating with and working with ageing adults and their families on legal and non-legal cases. Secondly, the elder law attorney has advanced knowledge of the professional and community resources privately and publicly available to help ageing adults. Thirdly, the elder law attorney is experienced in resolving problems in the following areas:

  • Paying for health and long-term care

This involves planning for and assisting with getting Medicare, Medicaid and veterans benefits for aging adults or disabled people in nursing homes.

  • Insurance

Counselling concerning health, Medigap, long-term care, prescription, disability and life.

  • Planning for disability

Drafting and providing financial and health care advice.

How to identify an elder law attorney

Many lawyers can claim to be an elder law attorney, but here’s how you can find the right elder law attorney:

  • Is the attorney certified?

Some states permit attorneys to become certified. If your state does, you can confirm whether the attorney is qualified in elder law. A certified elder law attorney has elder law experience and has met the continuing legal education requirements to stand out as an elder law specialist.

  • Is the attorney a member of NAELA (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys)?

An attorney with a NAELA membership shows that they have an interest in elder law they have access to NAELA’s educational resources and have committed to supporting NAELA’s standard for the practice of elder law.

What Services Do Trust Attorneys Provide for Elder Law 2


Hiring an elder law attorney can save you time and financial resources and help to avoid legal problems. An experienced elder law attorney will guarantee your peace of mind. The attorneys and staff at Citadel Law Firm provide the best elder law services.

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