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    Talk to Probate attorneys in Maricopa, AZ today to understand if you need help.

    Proper estate planning help protect your assets and your family when you are no longer here. But the probate process can be long and exhausting. You will need to navigate through complex court matters or deal with challenges to a will. The right probate lawyer in the county of Maricopa can take the stress off your shoulders and keep things moving forward efficiently.

    Our probate lawyers Maricopa have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help families through this challenging process. We can help you understand what you can expect and take the burden off you. Our friendly and professional legal team at our law office can assist you through the probate legal process comfortably and efficiently. We are a responsive law Maricopa county firm. We are specialized in estate planning law and probate. The Maricopa county bar association is under the Arizona bar association.

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    Whether you have a small or a large probate case, our probate lawyer can provide the best legal and execution benefits. Contact us today for a free consultation! AZ probate is all we do, we have an experienced probate attorney available to help you.

    Our AZ Probate attorney is a super lawyers attorney. Super lawyers receive peer reviews from other attorneys to attest to their excellence. They are also licensed with the Arizona state bar. We have assisted clients in multiple probates in Maricopa county. The know Arizona law not only for probate but also for estate planning, elder law and tax law as well. If you are looking for a responsive law Maricopa county attorney look no further. Schedule a free consultation today.

    What is a Probate Lawyer?

    A probate lawyer (also know as probate attorney) is a licensed lawyer and has experience in probate laws. He assists an estate's executioners and beneficiaries through the Arizona probate process. They recognize the estate assets and beneficiaries to distribute them according to the will of the executioner.

    A probate attorney in Maricopa may be involved in different ways depending on the situation of the estate. Their involvement in the case will rest on the total value of the assets and whether they had a will/testament at the time of their passing away.

    In situations where the deceased did not leave behind a will, any of the beneficiaries may file a claim and sue for what they believe they are entitled to. In situations where a will exists, complications may arise regarding its validity resulting in possible litigation.

    What are the Common Tasks Carried Out by a Probate Lawyer?

    Arizona probate law can be complex and confusing. Here are some of the common tasks that our a probate lawyer in Arizona may help the executor (or personal representative) as well as the beneficiaries with:

    ·       Identify and secure all the estate assets

    ·       Obtain appraisals for the real properties of the decedent

    ·       Prepare and file documentation for the probate court

    ·       Determine if the estate or inheritance taxes are due and ensure those debts are satisfied (usually not applicable in Arizona)

    ·       Assist in the payment of debts and bills

    ·       Collect the proceeds from the descendant's life insurance policies

    ·       Acting as the executor of the estate checking account

    ·       Transfer any assets in the descendant's name to the beneficiaries

    ·       Make final payout of assets after paying off all the bills and taxes

    ·       Contest any will or trust

    Before hiring a probate lawyer, you need to agree on the level of involvement you want. Most people prefer to have their probate lawyer guide them through to the process instate of having the AZ probate attorney do everything for them. That helps to keep the costs lower and it also help to minimize liability to the person (or people) acting as personal representative.

    Sometimes during a trust administration process your estate planning attorney will discover that probate is needed. When working with an estate planning firm make sure they also help you with probate and they have probate lawyers on staff. That will help make your estate plan more whole and it will also help you avoid an AZ probate. And in case your living trust fails to be properly funded an AZ probate attorney from the same firm will be able to step in and solve the issue for you.

    Why Hire Our Probate Lawyers Maricopa?

    Industry Experience

    We are knowledgeable and competent in probate areas of legal practice. Our years of experience and hands-on experience allow us to deliver optimal results to our clients.

    Service Oriented

    Our team is dedicated to providing professional and reliable solutions to your probate legal matters. We keep you informed of the legal process, set realistic expectations, and help you plan for the future.

    A Dedicated Probate Team

    Our friendly probate lawyers ensure the efficient delivery of quality services to all our clients. We offer comprehensive and holistic solutions that address all your probate concerns.

    Our probate attorney and probate lawyers are specialized in probate and we service multiple counties in the state of Arizona. Having legal counsel and a probate attorney that does probates all the time makes sure that the process will go much faster for the represented clients. Our AZ dedicated estate administration team is here to help.

    Transparent Fees

    We provide legal consultations, and you can expect complete transparency and predictability when it comes to pricing. Having an AZ free consultation to meet your probate attorney will make sure you have the opportunity to meet before you pay us.

    We work on a fixed fee base for the first part of the probate and we move to hourly after that. We try to also have a legal assistant assigned to the case. By having a legal assistant that serve clients we keep costs low. A firm focused in the probate process can help you faster. Our AZ lawyers are registered with the Maricopa county bar association in Arizona as well.

    Hire the Best Probate Lawyer in Maricopa County

    If you need to start probate or are already facing difficulties, contact us today! Our probate lawyers, Maricopa, are here to provide you with a free consultation before taking matters into our hands. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to probate and estate planning, so we customize plans to meet your individual needs and meet your specific goals.

    Call (480)565-8020 or use our online contact form (click here) to schedule a free consultation with one of our Maricopa county probate lawyers !

    Our free consultation gives you the opportunity to meet the attorney to make sure we are the right law firm for you in Maricopa county. It also give the AZ probate attorneys the opportunity to hear about your case and understand if we are the right law firm in Arizona for you and your legal issues.

    We can also help you with trust administration and we are licensed in some tax federal courts and we can advise you how your AZ probate of trust administration will affect you taxes.

    Frequently asked questions about Probate in Maricopa County.

    1. Do I need an probate attorney to become a Personal Representative?

    You do not need attorneys to become a personal representative in Maricopa County or any county in the state of Arizona. We do recommend hiring an attorney specialized in AZ probate to prevent you from becoming personally liable for the assets under the state.

    2. How long does it take to get appointed PR in Maricopa County?

    The time it takes to be appointed as a Personal Representative in Maricopa County, Arizona, depends on several factors such as the complexity of the estate, any objections to the appointment, and the speed of the court's administrative processes. On average, the appointment process can take one week to several weeks. Consult with an estate planning attorney or probate court in Maricopa County for a more specific estimate.

    Our law firm and AZ probate attorney can get you appointed in one week after we have all the information. We have get personal representatives appointed in as low as 2 days. Call today to talk to one of our attorneys. We will offer you a free consultation to make sure we are the right AZ probate attorney for you.

    3. Will my probate attorney do everything for me in Arizona?

    As a probate attorney in Arizona, your attorney can provide legal guidance and assistance throughout the probate process, but they cannot do everything for you. While the specific responsibilities of a probate attorney will depend on the circumstances of your case and the agreements you have with your attorney, in general, they can help you with tasks such as:

    • Filing the necessary court documents
    • Determining the validity of the will
    • Notifying beneficiaries and creditors
    • Gathering and managing the deceased person's assets
    • Paying debts and taxes
    • Distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries

    However, you will still have responsibilities in the process, such as providing information and documentation to your attorney, making decisions regarding the administration of the estate, and complying with court orders and deadlines. It is important to have open communication with your attorney and to understand your role in the probate process.

    4. Do my AZ probate attorney contact the bank in my behalf to help with bank accounts?

    Your probate attorney in Arizona can contact the bank on your behalf as part of their representation of you during the probate process. This may include tasks such as accessing the deceased person's bank accounts to gather information, closing accounts that are no longer needed, and transferring assets to the appropriate beneficiaries. Your attorney can also assist in resolving any disputes or issues that may arise regarding the deceased person's accounts.

    However, the extent of your attorney's involvement in these matters will depend on the specific circumstances of your case and the agreements you have with your attorney. And it will of course generate extra costs for the probate estate. We usually recommend that the Personal representative contact the bank most of the time.

    5. How difficult it is to get approved as Personal Representative in Maricopa county?

    The difficulty of getting approved as a Personal Representative in Maricopa County, Arizona, can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the estate, the presence of a valid will, and any objections that may be raised by interested parties.

    If there is a valid will that names the desired Personal Representative and there are no objections from interested parties, the appointment process can be relatively straightforward. However, if there are disputes or disagreements over the appointment, the process can become more complicated and take longer to resolve.

    In general, having a probate attorney can help make the appointment process smoother and less difficult, as they can provide legal guidance, navigate the court system, and represent you in any proceedings. However, the specific difficulty of the appointment process will depend on the unique circumstances of each case.

    6. Are your AZ probate lawyers registered with the Arizona state bar?

    All lawyers practicing law in the state must be licensed and in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona, which regulates the practice of law in the state. This means that all Arizona probate lawyers must be registered with the Arizona State Bar and meet its standards for education, experience, and ethical conduct.

    If you need legal assistance in Arizona, it is important to work with a licensed attorney who is registered with the State Bar of Arizona.

    Schedule your AZ free consultation today. Call (480)565-8020 or click here to schedule. Our AZ probate attorney will be pleased to help you. Citadel Law Firm do estate plan and probate in the state of Arizona. Our attorneys are also licensed with the Arizona state bar, as well as the Minnesota, North Dakota and Colorado state bar.

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