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What Are the Duties of Trust Attorneys in Legal Compliance


A trust attorney is a lawyer who creates a trust on behalf of someone. A trust provides an opportunity to transfer property and other assets to your loved ones without having to go through the probate process. A trust attorney will help set up a trust and ensure all the paperwork work required for the trust is in place.

A trust lawyer can also offer legal assistance to the trustee ( the individual in charge of managing a trust) and ensure your trustee remains impartial throughout the trust process. Or they could even serve as the trustee to help manage your estate.

The Duties of a Trusts Attorney

Trust attorneys work with their clients for many years. Considering the personal nature of trusts and estate laws, trust attorneys spend a lot of time with their clients, thereby learning a great deal about their issues, family relationships, and financial matters.

While carrying out their job as a trust attorney with their clients, trust attorneys may learn about private matters or other sensitive information. Hence, they may double as a family counselor and confidant, providing special advice and guidance for their clients and helping the clients through personal and financial issues.

However, trust attorneys are not limited to just providing legal advice or even financial planning for their clients. They’re also responsible for drafting testamentary wills, trusts, and other legal documents such as financial and healthcare powers of attorney and taking care of administering their client’s estate.

As part of their duties, trust attorneys also communicate and collaborate with their clients’ other advisors such as their financial and tax professionals, they also communicate with their clients’ heirs and beneficiaries. Trust attorneys also have the responsibility to stay up to date with applicable laws and regulations, including tax laws related to estate, gift taxes, inheritance, income as well as government policies. They have to keep an eye out for any changes and developments. Furthermore, most trust attorneys also deal with contested wills and litigation.

The role and duty of a trust attorney are dynamic as they must serve each client according to their need and unique circumstances. However, their primary work is to advise clients and guide them through their financial affairs and also ensure their clients’ assets and properties are duly distributed according to their wishes.


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