Wills Lawyer Gilbert AZ

Wills Lawyer Gilbert AZ

Wills Lawyer Gilbert AZWhen you decide to go down the path of making a will,  our Gilbert AZ wills lawyer knows that the entire task can seem daunting. You will need to consider every last detail of your life from your savings account to properties you own so that they will be in good hands when you pass away. At the Citadel Law Firm, our Gilbert AZ wills lawyer understands that creating a will can be both emotional and challenging when it comes to making key decisions. For these reasons, you should contact our office to set up an appointment to speak with one of our wills lawyers providing services to Gilbert, Arizona. We can go through your assets and help you determine where you want certain things to go. Below, our Estate Planning Lawyers in Gilbert, AZ have created a simple, quick checklist for you to look through that can help you identify what should be included within your will.

Top Tips from a Gilbert AZ Wills Lawyer

  • Choose Your Executor. This is one of the most important things you can do. The person you choose as your executor is someone you should be able to rely on. The executor of your will is going to ensure that the terms you create in your will are carried out. It is also important that you tell your executor beforehand so they are not taken by surprise when the time comes.
  • Look at Your Property. When you want to get started with your will a Gilbert AZ wills lawyer can help you determine what your assets are. When you know the full scope of the property you own, you can list them in your will.
  • Choose Who You Want to Get Certain Property. Aside from just listing your property, you will need to determine who actually gets your property. Do you want all of your children to receive equal portions of your property? Does your property go directly to your spouse? Our wills lawyer that Gilbert AZ residents trust can help you identify alternate beneficiaries in case the beneficiaries you first chose pass away before you do.
  • Determining Guardianship. When you have minor children, it is important that you determine who you want to care for them in the event that you and their other parent are not in the picture.
  • Choose a Person You Trust to Manage Children’s Property. If you are leaving any property to your minor children, you should choose an adult who you trust to manage the property until your children are old enough. 

Once you have decided if the above tips are right for your will, it is time to start creating it. Our trusted Gilbert AZ wills lawyer at the Citadel Law Firm can walk you step-by-step through the creation process so that you don’t leave anything out. We know that this process can be hard, but we’re here to make it easier. When you are ready to create your will, call our wills lawyer serving Gilbert AZ to see how we can help. We can also help you create your Living Will in Arizona

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