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What services does an elder law attorney provide in estate planning

What services does an elder law attorney provide in estate planning 1

What services does an elder law attorney provide in estate planning

Many people look forward to retirement because they can finally rest from the hustle and bustle of making a living. During retirement, you must make conscious efforts for your estate planning.

Aging adults have legal needs that are different from those of younger adults. Older adults care more about health care, retirement, disability, caregiving costs, and long-term care. This is where an elder law attorney can step in to walk you through the process and provide support.

What services does an elder law attorney provide in estate planning 1

Understanding the Role of an Elder Law Attorney

An elder law attorney plays a role in estate planning but first, they’re experts in legal matters that concern aging adults and their families. Their expertise and experience make them the perfect candidate when it comes to scaling through the challenges of retirement planning.

  1. Structuring the Perfect Estate Plan

Retirement planning requires that you have an airtight estate plan. Your estate plan involves all your assets, including your personal belongings and investments, and determines how they’ll be shared among the beneficiaries you choose after you pass away.

An elder law attorney can work with you to help craft a perfect estate plan that suits your situation, goals, and wishes. They will ensure that your estate plan is legally sound and specifically designed to suit your preferences.

Also, when crafting your estate plan, there’s a need to sort out a myriad of complex legal documents which may involve wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. Left to you, this paperwork can be complex and overwhelming, but an elder law attorney can navigate through the process seamlessly. They’re experienced, so they know each legal document

and its implications. They can provide legal guidance and support.

  1. Protecting Your Assets and Income

Protecting your assets and income becomes more paramount as you approach retirement because most aging adults become victims of scams during this period. An elder law attorney can craft plans that help secure your assets and income so that you don’t suffer throughout your retirement years.

An elder law attorney can provide guidance and advice on medical planning and insurance to reduce the risk of making any financial mistakes. With their advice, you can make informed decisions about your finances that suit your wishes and plans for retirement.

  1. Advocating for Your Rights

Crafting the perfect estate plan isn’t just about filling out paperwork and financial considerations. You have certain rights you can exercise during these processes, and an elder law attorney can be your advocate and ensure you’re able to exercise these rights.

They will work to ensure they advocate for your right to proper healthcare, resolve legal disputes, and address elder abuse concerns.

What services does an elder law attorney provide in estate planning 2


Planning your retirement and your estate are processes that require the knowledge and experience of an expert. An elder law attorney is the best candidate to walk with you through this journey. They have the experience and patience to work with you and they provide legal support and guidance.

At Citadel Law Firm, we have the right estate planning lawyer for you who can help craft a perfect estate plan and go through all the complex legal documents to protect your income and assets. With our services, we ensure you enjoy a smooth and secure transition into your retirement years.

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