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How to Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer

How to Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer

The task of finding a good estate planning attorney can be overwhelming. You may even consider skipping the estate planning process considering the stress involved. However, you shouldn’t let that happen because estate planning is essential in securing your future and that of your loved ones.

So, how do you choose an estate planning lawyer? Not just anyone, but one that is qualified to take care of your estate planning successfully? This article will explain some useful tips for choosing the right estate planning lawyer for you. Continue reading to learn more:

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Tips for choosing an estate planning attorney

These tips below will come in handy when you’re looking for the right estate planning lawyer.

  1. Make a list of your specific needs

You must first make a list of your specific needs for your estate plan. Knowing what you want makes it easier to find someone who can help you achieve them. First, you need to write your plan from scratch or revise an existing plan before you begin your search for an estate planning lawyer.

  1. Ask friends and family

Recommendations and word-of-mouth go a long way in helping you find the right estate planning lawyer for you. When there’s trust between you and your lawyer, the journey becomes easier for both parties. It’s easier to trust a lawyer recommended by your family or close friend than a lawyer you know nothing about.

Instead of stressing about finding a reliable estate planning lawyer, use your network (your family, coworkers, friends, and neighbors) to get the best lawyer for you. As long as you trust your family or friends, then you can trust their judgment when they refer a competent lawyer to you.

  1. Search Locally

Since we’re in a digital world, you can easily do a quick search on your mobile device or laptop and search for estate planning lawyers near you. This is a fine method of searching for an estate planning lawyer, however, any lawyer you choose must be licensed in your state and well-versed in individual state law.

You must ensure your lawyer is up to date with your state-specific legal implications because laws surrounding estate planning may vary from state to state. You need to scrutinize your prospects and ensure they don’t fall short of any requirements. This is the only way you can find a lawyer who’s ready to work with you to achieve your estate goals.

  1. Take time to interview your prospects

Before you hire an estate planning lawyer, you must do your part in getting to know them thoroughly. You can know more about your prospects by interviewing them.

The interview doesn’t have to be a long process, you can ask simple but crucial questions and move on to the next stage. Before you begin the interview, you can prepare a list of important questions to ask; preparing beforehand helps you to be more comfortable with the prospect.

Below is a list of questions you can ask your potential estate planning lawyer candidates:

  • Where did you get your law degree?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How should we communicate?
  • How will I get feedback on my plan? Should I always ask for an update or will you provide me with constant feedback?
  • How can I get in touch with you?
  • Who will be my point of contact at your office?
  • What are your fees and rates?
  • Do you charge a flat fee or hourly?
  • Are there extra charges outside your normal rate?

Asking your prospects these questions can help you get familiar and comfortable with them and help you decide whether you can work with them or not.

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You must note that not every estate planning attorney who comes up on your local search is your ideal lawyer. You may need to search deeper to find the right one for you.

If you’re looking for the best estate planning lawyer, you can count on us at Citadel Law Firm. After creating your estate plan, you need a reliable estate planning lawyer to help you achieve these plans. It’s a different feeling when you know that you’ve done everything possible to ensure you create the perfect estate plan and that you’ve secured your estate according to your wish.

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