Estate Planning

How can an estate planning lawyer help with Medicaid planning


You may be wondering why you need an estate planning lawyer to help with Medicaid planning. Well, the high costs of nursing homes have turned many people to Medicaid for financial assistance, however, the program is designed for those with little to no assets.

You need to work with an estate planning lawyer to navigate this process seamlessly. This article will explore the reasons why you need an estate planning lawyer to help with Medicaid planning. Read on!

The Role of An Estate Planning Lawyer in Medicaid Planning

When it comes to Medicaid planning, it’s always best to plan. Planning opens you to more options and there’s a better chance that you can protect more or all your assets. An estate planning lawyer can help you during this process by discussing your retirement age and what might happen if you or your spouse require Medicaid when you get to a certain age. An estate planning lawyer will make sure to put certain guardrails in place to facilitate the process in case something happens to you or your spouse in the future.

The biggest mistake most people make is to assume that they have nothing else to do with Medicaid when a loved one has already entered a nursing home, this is far from the truth. You’ll have more choices when you do some advanced Medicaid planning, but you’ll need the help of an elder law attorney to be well prepared if you already have a loved one in the nursing home.

Also, avoid trying to ask the nursing home staff for help applying for Medicaid. These nurses don’t have anything to gain in helping you get approved or helping you protect your assets. Don’t be deceived even if they agree to help you. Meanwhile, they stand to gain a lot if they get denied because the private pay rates at a nursing home are higher than what the nursing home would get paid by Medicaid.

Furthermore, your caseworker doesn’t have much help to offer with getting your application approved since their main role is not to protect your assets or get you qualified for Medicaid. However, your estate planning lawyer cares about helping you and your family get the support you deserve to qualify for your Medicaid application.

Only an elder law attorney understands your situation and the process of applying for Medicaid because they have your best interest in mind.


An estate planning lawyer understands your situation and goes all out to ensure you’re eligible for Medicaid Planning. At Citadel Law Firm, we work with different people who are in nursing homes or preparing to go to nursing homes. We understand how difficult this can be on you and your family which is why we offer our services and support fully.

No matter the questions you have regarding Medicaid planning, you can always speak with us at Citadel Law Firm and we will provide our support. Contact our dedicated legal team to learn more about our service and get started!