Estate Planning Lawyer Mesa Arizona

Estate Planning Lawyer Mesa AZ

Estate Planning Lawyer Mesa AZOur estate planning lawyer in Mesa, AZ knows that adopting a new family member can be such a wonderful and exciting experience. During this time, there are so many things to accomplish on your checklist, such as share the news with loved ones, preparing their new bedroom, look into schools nearby they can enroll in, and much more. One important task that must not be forgotten is updating your estate planning documents accordingly with the assistance of Citadel Law Firm. By updating your estate plan, you are ensuring that your adopted children get the same rights as if they were your biological children, enabling them to receive a portion of your estate after you have passed on. For help contact an estate planning lawyer Mesa, Arizona relies on at Citadel Law Firm today. 

Imagining a time when you are no longer on this planet can be a scary one, as no one wants to think about departing from their loved ones. However, it is such a crucial component of preparing for the future and seeing to it that your loved ones are taken care of in the way that you wish. 

Making Changes To Your Estate Plan

Perhaps you already have an estate plan and just want to make a handful of changes to include your new family member. Depending on your state laws and other variables, your estate planning lawyer in Mesa, AZ may recommend starting over completely. While this can sound exhausting, remember that you have done this before so the process will likely be much quicker than the first round. In other cases, you may not need to begin again from the start, and only have to make edits to a few provisions.

The most important takeaway is that you need to consult with Citadel Law Firm about your modifications, as they can confirm whether what you have written is legally binding or if there are other edits you need to make. Your estate planning lawyer in Mesa, AZ can help you create documents that are clear, to-the-point, and leave little room for negotiation. In this way, you can feel more confident that your wishes will be followed after you pass on. 

Your Estate Plan To-Do List

When reviewing your estate plan for changes, one of the first places you should look is at your list of beneficiaries and what assets you have assigned to which person. Our estate planning lawyer Mesa, AZ residents seek assistance from may tell you that you need to revisit how much you have awarded each beneficiary so that your adopted child receives a fair amount. Or, perhaps your adopted child is much younger than your other children and you believe they will need more financial support down the line, then you can give them an amount you think is appropriate. Other estate planning changes your estate planning lawyer in Mesa AZ may include:

  • An update to your marital status (such as divorce or a new marriage)
  • Appointing a guardian for your adopted child if they are under 18 years old
  • Updating financial information because you have had a significant change in your financial status
  • Ensuring your estate plan still reflects your wishes
  • Checking with your estate planning attorney about if your estate plan is valid if you moved to another state

Citadel Law Firm knows that creating an estate plan can seem like a daunting process. It’s important to know that with our help, it doesn’t have to be. Contact our estate planning lawyer in Mesa, AZ today to get started.