Should I Talk to an Elder Law Attorney About Long Term Care Planning?

Should I Talk to an Elder Law Attorney About Long Term Care Planning?

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No one wants to do long term life planning or estate planning because that means facing mortality in the face. But, you cannot ignore this important task because it is uncomfortable to think about.

Many Americans retire between ages 56-61 and only have $17,000 in retirement savings! Even those with a ton of retirement savings may have a hard time planning for their long term needs or the long term needs of a loved one.

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But, do you need to hire a long term care planning attorney? Keep reading to learn why a good lawyer can help you plan for long term care when it gets too difficult.

Medicaid/ Medicare Help

Sometimes, when you are older and disabled, dealing with government-issued insurance plans can cause more of a headache than a help. Fighting with Medicare and Medicaid associates feels like screaming at a brick wall.

Having an attorney to call about these kinds of issues gives you peace of mind in your golden years. They know all about the ins and outs of the government healthcare system, so it is even easier for them to handle it for you.

Long Term Care Planning and Financial Guidance

As you age, you do not want to worry about financial planning or figuring out where you might live when you can no longer live alone. An estate attorney can take a detailed look at your situation and help create a plan so you know what will happen and know you will not run out of funds.

Before you decide on an attorney, schedule a consultation to make sure you are on the same page before you agree to work with someone. Many attornies even offer these consultations for free!

Estate Planning

You may not think you need help with estate planning because you do not have much to give to everyone after you perish. But, most inheritances total less than $50,000 when they get to the beneficiary! Even if you cannot give your loved ones large inheritances, you may need help setting it all up.

Having a well thought out Last Will and Testament helps ensure your loved ones do not need to fight in probate court as they mourn your loss. An attorney knows how to plan and update your final wishes.

A Goal Without a Plan Is Nothing but a Wish

When you plan for the end of your life, not only do you benefit in your last days, but it helps your loved ones when you ensure a smooth transition of their inheritance. That transition is not always as easy as you might hope.

Finding and hiring a good attorney to help you wade through all the paperwork and legal verbiage will make the whole process as stress-free as possible. Ask for reviews from former and current clients to make sure the attorney is a good fit.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned about how an attorney can help with long term care planning. If you have any questions about this article or if you need help with estate planning and more specifically, elder law in Arizona, contact us at Citadel Law Firm today!