Citadel Law is Here to Serve You in The Time of Corona Virus

Citadel Law is Here to Serve You in The Time of Corona Virus

Are you experiencing new concerns or conflict because of the pandemic? We’re all in this together and Citadel can help.

For most of us, new experiences and big changes to our daily routines oftentimes feel rather uncomfortable. Especially when things shift quickly and we suddenly find ourselves living in uncharted territory managing an unpredictable pandemic. We’re left grasping at straws wondering, “What’s next?”, “What can I do?”, and “Who has the answers?”.

While we may not have all the answers, the team here at Citadel is committed to doing what we can to help bring a bit more certainty to these uncertain times. We invite you to please reach out right away if you could use some guidance and together we can find solutions to get through this time of uncertainty.

As a result, and because there is no time like the present to make sure your affairs are in order and that your wishes will be carried out in the event that you are unable to express them, we are offering a free Will and free Power of Attorney documentation for anyone who has been affected by COVID-19. The last thing that we want is for this awful situation to create even more chaos in your life due to the untimely illness of a family member.

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Moreover, we’re here to help if you’re dealing with any family turmoil or co-parenting issues. Currently, parents all over the Valley are trying to navigate the treacherous waters of co-parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic. We at Citadel are encouraging you and your family during this time to cooperate with your co-parent and have healthy conversations about the virus with your children in a productive and conducive manner.

Finally, if you need help with any of the following issues we are here to help.

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues
  • Contract Disputes
  • Banking/Loan Stay Information

Contact us for a relatively quick and painless conversation and we can determine the best way to protect you and your family during this time of crisis. There is absolutely no fee or charge for the phone call. Most importantly, wash your hands, stay indoors, and stay connected to your loved ones!

Stay Safe. We are here to help.

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