Legal Mediation Chandler, AZ

Legal Mediation Chandler, AZ

How does divorce mediation work?

What is Family Law Mediation?

Mediation is a platform designed to help people going through a divorce or custody dispute. The platform has been described as, "Dynamic, structured and interactive," according to Having been involved in countless Family Law Mediations, I can tell you that description is sort of, kind of, almost exactly right. In this article we want to explain to you why Legal Mediation Chandler AZ may be a good option for you.

Legal Mediation Chandler AZ - Citadel Law Firm - Arizona

Legal Mediation Chandler AZ is a process in which a neutral 3rd party helps people with their family law disputes ranging from divorce to custody to child support and everything in between. The neutral 3rd party is usually versed in multiple communication techniques and is a facilitator rather than someone who will decide your divorce or custody dispute for you like a judge. Generally, in a Legal Mediation Chandler AZ, both sides are represented by an attorney to advocate on their behalf and help navigate the legal process and the specific laws pertaining to your situation.

What are the benefits of Family Law Mediation?

Imagine going out to eat at your favorite restaurant. You sit down with your family, order some drinks and settle in for an evening of relaxation and libations. Then, when the waiter or waitress takes your order, you give them a general idea of what you would like to eat and tell them that you want them to choose your meal for you. Sounds fun and exciting, right? It is until your meal comes and it’s the furthest thing from what you wanted and you’re stuck starving and upset.

Going to Court is similar to going to a restaurant, telling the waiter or waitress what kind of food you like and then letting them choose for you. Ultimately, you lose all control over the final decision. Family Law Mediation is starkly different. Family Law Mediation provides a platform for you and your ex to make decisions that are in the best interests of you and your family, specifically your children.

Along with having some control over the final decision, Mediation is typically less expensive and less time consuming than going through the traditional court route. Depending on the complexity of the issue and the personalities of those at dispute, a settlement agreement can be made within a matter of days or weeks. Going through litigation, however, often takes several months or even years. The longer timeframe of a lawsuit comes with added expenses and more time away from your daily life due to attending court hearings and depositions.

Do I have to come to an agreement at Mediation?

Absolutely not. Legal Mediation is non-binding. The only way that an agreement will be reached is if you come to a knowing decision.

Do I need an attorney for mediation?

Ready for the best attorney answer ever - it depends. Mediation is an informal process; however, it can always help to have an experienced, Mediation Lawyer Chandler in your corner. Someone who can help you digest and navigate the legal process, case law and statutes, and also, equally as important, someone who will be there to help you manage your emotions when tunnel vision sets in.

Often, divorces and custody disputes lead to high emotions and having an experienced Mediation Lawyer Chandler can help shed some light on an otherwise dark situation. Additionally, when reacting with emotion, it may be difficult to see that the offer at mediation is significantly better than what the Judge would order. Usually an attorney should be able to tell you that and explain why the offer may be better than what a judge would offer.

How would mediation work for my divorce?

Mediation is commonly used for divorce cases for a bunch of reasons. A divorce, on its own, is already highly stressful, and the expenses and time spent going through litigation can make it even more stressful. Mediation mitigates those issues and provides what is usually a cheaper, less time consuming alternative. Mediation with a Mediator Chandler AZ would function in these three simple steps:


Our Mediator Chandler AZ will introduce himself/herself, and outline the mediation process to you and your ex-spouse. The mediator will facilitate the discussion and will answer any questions relating to the mediation.

2. Caucuses

Caucuses are private meetings held by the mediator with each party, separately. The meetings will be held confidentially. In your private meeting with the mediator, you will have the opportunity to confidentially discuss your preferred outcome, your priorities in any agreement, your rationale, and any compromises you would be willing to make. The mediator will also conduct a private meeting with your ex-spouse and gather this same information. 

3. Negotiations and Settlement

Upon completion of the caucuses, the mediator will facilitate negotiations and settlements with you and your ex-spouse. If you and your ex-spouse are ultimately able to come to a settlement, the mediator will write up a contract to be signed by each of you. This is where having an experienced Attorney Mediator is beneficial; mediators that are not attorneys often have to go to an attorney to draft a legally enforceable contract. By hiring an Attorney Mediator at Citadel Law, we are able to complete this process from A - Z. Once the contract is signed, the Attorney Mediator Chandler AZ will attach the settlement agreement to a complaint for divorce, and will deposit it with the court. The agreement would now be legally enforceable.

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