Family Lawyer Chandler, AZ

Family Lawyer Chandler, AZ

Why choose our family lawyers in Chandler?

Do I need a Family Lawyer for my divorce? Do I need a Family Lawyer for my custody dispute?

Those are two of the more common questions we receive from clients and, as usual, the most common answer we give is, “It depends.” The Court will not require you to be represented by a Family Attorney nor will they provide you a Family Lawyer to help represent you in a divorce or custody dispute and in a perfect world you and your spouse or ex would be able to amicably resolve all of your issues together without needing the help of an experienced Family Law Lawyer. Unfortunately, life isn’t always perfect.

Family Lawyer Chandler, AZ | Citadel Law Firm

First and foremost, a Family Lawyer in Chandler can be beneficial if you are going through a divorce and you and your spouse have any assets (home, vehicles, retirement accounts, etc.) that need to be divided. While Arizona is a community property state, meaning that property acquired during the marriage is presumed to be equal to the parties, there are different rules and laws which may be applicable in your situation causing some items to be separate property rather than community property. A helpful, experienced Family Law Lawyer can help you navigate the murky waters of community property laws.

Second, a Family Law Attorney can help you if you’re going through a custody dispute. In Arizona, the legislature has split custody into two sections, legal decision making and parenting time. A Family Attorney can help explain to you the difference between custody and legal decision making and parenting time. Moreover, a Family Law Lawyer will help you when unexpected issues arise concerning your children. Any Family Lawyer will tell you that once you push through the bigger issues of legal decision making and parenting time, there will inevitably be smaller issues that require attention. A Family Lawyer Chandler will be able to help you with any issue of any size.

Finally, a great Family Lawyer will tell you the truth. The biggest struggle most people have when deciding to divorce or going through divorce is uncertainty. What will happen to the house? How will the kids get to school? What are we going to do about our retirement accounts? As the questions and the uncertainty compiles, the stress can be overwhelming and while it may be nice to placate to emotions, a great Family Lawyer in Chandler will tell you the truth and set you straight when you need to hear difficult advice.

There are so many reasons why having a Family Lawyer can be advantageous during a divorce or custody dispute. It is our job as family Chandler in Chandler to make the process as smooth as possible to you.

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