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How Do Trust Attorneys Assist in Charitable Trust Planning?

How Do Trust Attorneys Assist in Charitable Trust Planning 1

How Do Trust Attorneys Assist in Charitable Trust Planning

Charitable trust planning is a part of estate planning where you set up trusts to support charity with the potential to gain tax benefits. Trust attorneys are needed to assist in this process, to help you display your charitable intentions within the bounds of the law. They guide in creating and managing charitable funds the right way.

How does a trust attorney help in charitable trust planning? This article will explain more about the role of trust attorneys in charitable trust planning. Continue reading to learn more:

How Do Trust Attorneys Assist in Charitable Trust Planning 1

Key Roles and Responsibilities of Trust Attorneys in Charitable Trust Planning

  • They must Understand the Client's Intentions

Trust attorneys begin by understanding your intention in creating a charity trust. Is the aim to support a specific charity organisation? Fund educational scholarships? Or deal with certain issues in the society? Trust attorneys listen and help you align the trust structure according to your goals and intentions. This step helps your attorney think about your values and intentions concerning donating to charity.

  • They Help You in Choosing the Right Type of Trust

There are different types of charitable trusts and each of them has their unique benefits. Trust attorneys help you choose the appropriate trust based on your financial situation, philanthropic goals and tax planning needs. For instance, a trust like Charitable remainder trust (CRT) can serve as a means of income for you before the remainder is donated back to charity.

  • They Help in Drafting and Creating Trust Documents

Trust attorneys help in drafting and structuring the right documents for your trust planning. The documents contain the trust agreement, terms, conditions and management structure of the trust. This also includes specifying the time for charitable distribution and identifying the beneficiaries of the trust. These documents help prevent future disputes and ensure the charitable trust is carried out smoothly.

  • They Help With Trust Administration and Management

Aside from drafting documents, trust attorneys also help in the ongoing administration of charitable trusts. They guide how the trustees should manage assets, distribute and fulfil fiduciary duties. This includes checking in regularly to ensure that all donations are done according to the trust’s terms.

  • They Help You Adapt to Circumstances As The Case May Be

The needs and circumstances of both the donor and charitable beneficiaries may change at some point. When this happens, your trust attorney helps you amend the trust if necessary and ensures it meets the original goal while adapting to the new situation. This flexibility is necessary for the charitable trust to last a long time and fulfil its purpose.

How Do Trust Attorneys Assist in Charitable Trust Planning 2


Trust attorneys play an important role in charitable trust planning. They not only guide you through the complex legal process of creating and managing a trust, but they also stick around to ensure the process goes smoothly. Working with a trust attorney makes you rest assured that your purpose for setting up a charitable fund will be achieved.