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How to Prepare a Living Will with an Estate Planning Attorney

How to Prepare a Living Will with an Estate Planning Attorney 1

How to Prepare a Living Will with an Estate Planning Attorney

What do you think about getting access to the kind of healthcare services you want even when you’re incapacitated? It must feel nice, right?

Yes, it does! A living will is a legal document that allows you to outline your healthcare preference in preparation for whenever you’ll be unable to make such a call. This can include decisions about your medical procedure, treatments, medications and more. So how do you prepare a living will with an estate planning attorney? Continue reading to learn more:

How to Prepare a Living Will with an Estate Planning Attorney 1

  • Steps to Making A Living Will
  • Decide on the kind of treatment you expect to receive

Before creating your living will, you must be sure of the kind of medical decisions you want in it. Your living will can include medical preferences such as life-sustaining treatments (like chemotherapy, medication and surgery), life support (like feeding tubes, dialysis and artificial respiration) or end-of-life wishes (like organ donation or religious rituals).

However, it’s best to discuss your preference with your loved ones before creating the living will. This doesn’t only remove the pressure you’ll feel, it also makes making these decisions easier.

  • Consider making a medical power of attorney to accompany your will

You can also create a medical power of attorney when making a living will. This POA enables you to name a person you want to make decisions for you if you’re unable to. They’ll be the ones to relate with your medical team and decide on anything that isn’t stated in your living will.

  • Fill a living will form in your state

There are a few options available for getting a living will form, they include:

Using a living will form provided by your state:

Living will forms are available in some states however these forms follow a template that cannot be easily adjusted to your preference.

  • Using an online living template

You can easily get a living will from companies that offer them online. You fill out the form with your information and pay to download it.

  • Using free online software

There’s always a free option that allows you to create a living will and medical POA.

  • Fill out and acknowledge your living will

Your living will should be in a physical form you can see and sign on it. Signing your living will be important so you can have it acknowledged by your state laws. Most state laws require your living will to have at least two witnesses while some require a notary seal.

  • Secure your living will and update it as your preference changes over time

After completing your living will, store it in a safe place, probably somewhere you keep all your important documents. Your healthcare agent should also have a copy of your living will and your local hospital. As you grow older, your preference is likely to change. Hence, you need to keep your healthcare agent in the loop, revisit your living will at intervals and make changes where necessary.

How to Prepare a Living Will with an Estate Planning Attorney 2


A living will guarantee your peace of mind and is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. By clearly stating what you want in your living will, you can rest assured that you'll still get the healthcare you want even if you're sick or incapacitated.